Azazel Portrait
Character Information
Character Type Playable
Base Health
Heart flash
Black Heart BigBlack Heart BigBlack Heart Big
Base Damage
Dmg flash
Base Fire Rate
Tears flash
Base Range
Range flash
Base Speed
Speed flash
Base Shot Speed
Tear speed flash
Base Luck
Luck flash
Starting Pickups 0-The Fool
Starting Collectibles Short-Range Brimstone
Lord of the Pit
Unlocked By Making 3 Deals with Satan in One Run

Azazel is a playable character in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. He is unlocked by taking three Deals with the Devil in one run, and begins with three black hearts and innate flight. Unlike ???, Azazel can gain regular heart containers as normal. He is the game's equivalent of a melee character; Azazel does not shoot tears, but a short-range Brimstone instead.


  • "Azazel" is sometimes used as the name of a demon or fallen angel, but more often is actually used as a term meaning "scapegoat."
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