Bloodshot Eye
Bloodshot Eye Gif
Character Information
Monster Type Eye
Floors of Appearance Womb
Base Health 20
Deals Contact Damage Yes
Type of Tears Brimstone
Movement Stationary

The Bloodshot Eye is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that is mainly seen on The Womb floor and the Utero floor, but is also sometimes encountered on the Sheol floor. It is a large, bloodshot eye that sits on the ground.


The Bloodshot Eye is not entirely stationary, for it can rotate. When the eye looks directly at the player, it will fire a brimstone laser that is very difficult for the player to dodge, even more difficult than the Eye's laser. The Bloodshot Eye generally spawns in pairs.


Bloodshot Eyes, like Eyes, should be the player's main priority, due to the fact that the Eyes have deadly precision, a wide laser, and unlimited range.