Consumables are similar to Pickups, but they take up the Consumable slot and are used by pressing Q.


Card Consumables consist of Playing Cards and Tarot Cards.

Name Image Effect
O - The Fool The Fool
Where your journey begins
Isaac is teleported back to the starting Room.
The Fool
I - The Magician The Magician
May you never miss your goal
Isaac's tears will now have a homing effect.
The Magician
II - The High Priestess The High Priestess
Mother is watching you
Mom's foot stomps on an enemy. If no enemies are present, she will stomp on Isaac.
The High Priestess
III - The Empress The Empress
May your rage bring power
Isaac will gain a Whore of Babylon effect for the current Room, increasing his Damage and Speed stats.
The Empress
IV - The Emperor The Emperor
Challenge me!
Isaac will be teleported to the Boss Room.
The Emperor
V - The Hierophant The Hierophant
Two prayers for the lost
Two Soul Hearts will spawn beside Isaac.
The Hierophant
VI - The Lover The Lovers
May you prosper and be in good health
Two Red Hearts will spawn beside Isaac.
The Lovers
VII - The Chariot The Chariot
May nothing stand before you
Isaac will gain a My Little Unicorn effect, causing him to do contact damage and gain a large Speed boost.
The Chariot
VIII - Justice Justice
May your future become balanced
A bomb, a heart, a coin, and a key will spawn beside Isaac.
IX - The Hermit The Hermit
May you see what life has to offer
Isaac will be teleported to the Shop Room.
The Hermit
X - Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune
Spin the wheel of desiny
A Slot Machine or Fortune Telling Machine will spawn near Isaac.
Wheel of Fortune
XI - Strength Strength
May your power bring rage
Isaac's stats and size are increased for the current Room. It will also increase his health by one Red Heart Container.
XII - The Hanged Man The Hanged Man
May you find enlightenment
Isaac gains flight.
The Hanged Man
XIII - Death Death
Lay waste to all the oppose you
All enemies take 40 damage.
XIV - Temperance Temperance
May you be pure in heart
A Blood Donation Machine spawns beside Isaac.
XV - The Devil The Devil
Revel in the power of your darkness
Isaac's Damage is increased for the current Room.
The Devil
XVI - The Tower The Tower
Destruction brings creation
Several troll bombs spawn randomly around the room.
The Tower
XVII - The Stars The Stars
May you find what you desire
Isaac is teleported to the Item Room.
The Stars
XVIII - The Moon The Moon
May you find all you have lost
Isaac is teleported to the Secret Room.
The Moon
XIX - The Sun The Sun
May the light heal and enlighten you
Isaac is completely healed. All enemies take 40 damage. All rooms are revealed.
The Sun
XX - Judgement Judgement
Judge lest ye be judged
A Beggar, Demon Beggar, or Key Beggar will spawn near Isaac.
XXI - The World The World
Open your eyes and see
All rooms are uncovered on the map.
The World
2 of Spades Two of Spades
Item Multiplier
Isaac's keys are doubled. If he has no keys, he gains two.
Two of Spades
2 of Clubs Two of Clubs
Item Multiplier
Isaac's bombs are doubled. If he has no bombs, he gains two.
Two of Clubs
2 of Hearts 2 of Hearts
Item Multiplier
Isaac's Red Heart count is doubled (NOT Containers). If he only has half a heart, he heals for two Red Hearts.
Two of Hearts
2 of Diamonds Two of Diamonds
Item Multiplier
Isaac's coins are doubled. If he has no coins, he gains two.
Two of Diamonds
Joker The Joker
Isaac is teleported to either the Angel Room or the Devil Room.
Chaos Card Chaos Card
Isaac throws a card that opens doors and destroys obstacles. It also kills any enemy in one hit.
Chaos Card
Credit Card Credit Card
Charge it!
If used in a shop, all items in the shop are bought for free. If used in a Devil Room, all items there are free.
Credit Card
Rules Card Rules Card
A random hint is displayed. The hints that can be displayed are as follows:
  • Rooms may yield more than you expect. Experimentation is key.
  • Some doors require a blessing. Carry them with you.
  • The walls will harden over time. Time is the essence.
  • Sleeping gatekeepers will need to be awoken with a loud sound.
  • A piece of paper is your guide.
  • Deny his gifts to retain your award.
  • A dark market lies under your feet.
  • Chub dislikes smoke!
Rules Card
Card Against Humanity Card Against Humanity
Something stinks...
The entire room is filled with poop.
Card Against Humanity
Suicide King Suicide King
A true ending?
Isaac dies and 10 Pickups spawn. Three of these Pickups can be Collectibles. The Collectibles will be from the current Room's Item Pool.
Suicide King
Get Out of Jail Free Card Get out of Jail Free Card
Open sesame
When used, all doors in the Room will open.
Get out of Jail Free
? Card Question Card
Double active
Isaac's Active Collectible is used once for free.


Each color and position of Pill has a different effect. The effects are unknown until taken and are randomized on each run.

Name Effect
Bad Trip Isaac takes a Half-Heart of damage.
Bad Trip
Balls of Steel Isaac gains two Soul Hearts.
Balls of Steel
Bombs are Key Isaac's Bomb count and Key count are swapped.
Bombs are Key
Explosive Diarrhea Isaac drops Troll bombs for a short amount of time.
Explosive Diarrhea
Full Health Isaac's Red Heart Containers are restored.
Full Health
Health Down Isaac loses a Red Heart Container.
Health Down
Health Up Isaac gains a Red Heart Container.
Health Up
I Found Pills Isaac gains a stupid face.
I Found Pills
Puberty Isaac gains pubic hairs on his head.
Pretty Fly Isaac gains a fly orbital, similar to Halo of Flies.
Pretty Fly
Range Down Isaac's Range stat is lowered.
Range Down
Range Up Isaac's Range stat is raised.
Range Up
Speed Down Isaac's Speed stat is lowered.
Speed Down
Speed Up Isaac's Speed stat is increased.
Speed Up
Tears Down Isaac's Tears stat is lowered.
Tears Down
Tears Up Isaac's Tears stat is raised.
Tears Up
Luck Down Isaac's Luck stat is lowered.
Luck Down
Luck Up Isaac's Luck stat is increased.
Luck Up
Telepills Isaac is teleported to a random room. These do not drop on Greed Mode.
48 Hour Energy Two Batteries spawn near Isaac.
48 Hour Energy
Hematemesis Isaac's Red Heart Containers are drained all but one and several Red Hearts drop around him.
Paralysis Isaac cannot move or shoot for a small amount of time.
I can see forever! Secret Rooms are revealed and opened automatically for the current Floor.
I Can See Forever 1
I Can See Forever 2
Pheromones All enemies in the room are charmed and attack each other.
Amnesia The map is hidden (Curse of the Lost) for the current Floor.
Lemon Party A large puddle of urine/lemon juice spawns under Isaac. It acts as creep.
Lemon Party
R U A Wizard? Isaac shoots from the sides of his head in diagonal directions.
R U a Wizard
Percs! ???
Addicted! ???
Re-Lax Isaac spawns poop behind him for a small amount of time.
??? ???
One makes you larger Isaac's size increases.
One Makes you Larger
One makes you small Isaac's size decreases.
One Makes you Small
Infested? Isaac spawns some spiders.
Infested! Isaac spawns some spiders.
Power Pill! Isaac gains the Game Kid effect for a short amount of time.
Power Pill
Retro Vision Isaac's vision is pixelated for a short amount of time. It does this randomly for the current Floor.
Retro Vision


Runes are small, purple stones that have different effects. They are all unlocked by Challenges.

Name Image Effect
Algiz Algiz
Isaac gains invincibility for 30 seconds.
Ansuz Ansuz
The whole map is revealed.
Berkano Berkand
3 Attack Spiders and 3 Attack Flies are spawned.
Dagaz Dagaz
All Curses are removed from the Floor (including Amnesia). Isaac also gains one Soul Heart.
Ehwaz Ehwaz
A trap door to the next Floor is opened.
Hagalaz Hagalaz
All obstacles in the room are destroyed.
Jera Jera
Copies of all Pickups (including Chests and Consumables) in the Room are created, even in Shops where the Items are purchased yet.
Perthro Perthro
All Collectibles in the Room are re-rolled.
Blank Rune Blank Rune
A random Rune is used.


Miscellaneous consumables are consumables that aren't Runes, Pills, or Cards.

Name Image Effect
Dice Shard Dice Shard Re-rolls all Pickups and Collectibles in the Room.
Dice Shard
Emergency Contact Emergency Contact Card
Emergency Contact Inventory
Help from above
Mom's hands come down and grab enemies, not allowing them to move.
Emergency Contact
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