Devil Door

A Devil Room is a room in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It is a room where a player can find Black Hearts, Red Chests, and trade Isaac's hearts and soul hearts for Collectibles.


The Devil Room will always consist of two Fireplaces, one Satan statue, or one of the following:

  • 2 Black Hearts.
  • 3 Red Chests.
  • 1-3 Collectibles available for trading.

One exception to these things appearing the in Devil Room is if the Mini-Boss Krampus is present, in which the room will be empty with all but four Fireplaces and Krampus. The other is if the player is located on either The Womb II, the Utero II, The Womb XL, or the Utero XL floors, in which case all items will be replaced with one Trapdoor leading to the Sheol floor.

Finding a Devil Room

Isaac can reach the Devil Room in one of the following ways:

  • There is a chance that a Devil Room may open at the end of a Boss Fight.
  • Isaac may use the Joker card to teleport to a Devil Room.
  • Isaac may be teleported to a Devil Room via a Red Chest.

Deals with the Devil

Deals with the devil may be taken as long as the player can provide either the correct amount of Red Heart Containers, Black Heart Containers, or Soul Heart Containers. Only Black Heart Containers and Soul Heart Containers may be mixed when attempting to make a deal. If the player takes a deal in which they will be left with no Heart Containers, they will die. The following Items may be traded for:

Item Icon Cost Effect
Abaddon Abaddon
Evil up + DMG up + fear shot
Heart bigHeart big

Removes all Red Heart Containers and gives the player 6 black hearts. Raises Damage stat by 1.5 and Speed stat by 0.2. Tears can induce fear effect depending on Luck stat.

Brimstone Brimstone
Blood laser barrage
Heart bigHeart big

The player now charges and shoots a laser with unlimited range and the ability to pierce obstacles and enemies. Enemies can be hit up to 13 times when firing one laser. Tip: For best results, use with either Tammy's Head, Mutant Spider, or The Inner Eye.

Brother Bobby Brother Bobby
Friends 'till the end
Heart big

Familiar that follows the player, shooting tears that deal 3.5 damage to enemies.

Ceremonial Robes Ceremonial Robes
Sin up
Heart big

Gives the player three Black Hearts and increases their damage by 1.0.

Contract From Below Contract From Below
Wealth, but at what cost?
Heart big

Doubles the player's pickup drops. This includes consumables and chests. Chance of encountering a Double Trouble boss room is higher.

Dark Bum Dark Bum Heart big

Familiar that follows the player and picks up red hearts, giving the player spiders and Soul Hearts after pickup up a 1.5.

Dark Matter Dark Matter Heart big

Tears can apply the fear affect on enemies. Adds 1.0 to the player's Damage stat. Chance to apply fear is based on the player's Luck stat.

Dead Cat Dead Cat Heart big

The player's health is set to one Red Heart Container, but the player also gains 8 lives. When the player dies, they will respawn with only one Red Heart Container.

Death's Touch Death's Touch Heart bigHeart big

Adds 1.5 to the player's damage stat and removes 0.3 from the player's tears stat. The player's tears are now large, piercing, scythes.

Demon Baby Demon Baby Heart big

Familiar that follows the player, automatically shoots at enemies, dealing 3 damage.

Familiar version of Gemini's Suture that is tethered to Isaac, seeking out nearby enemies to lock on and deal contact damage.

Ghost Baby Ghost Baby Heart big

Familiar that shoots spectral tears.

Gimpy Gimpy Heart big

Chance to drop Soul Hearts or Black Hearts upon taking damage, which is affected by the player's Luck stat. Enemies may also drop a half heart upon death

Goat Head Goat Head Heart big

Guarantees a Devil or Angel Room on every floor, and keeps the door to these rooms open indefinitely even after leaving. Angel rooms are now less commonly encountered.

Guppy's Collar Guppy's Collar Heart big

One of five Guppy items; grants Isaac a 50% chance to respawn at 1/2 heart upon death, indefinitely. Upon respawning, Isaac will only have one Red Heart Container.

Guppy's Hairball Guppy's Hairball Heart big

One of five Guppy items; a familiar that trails behind Isaac and can be swung around using Isaac's momentum to deal contact damage. It grows in size and damage as it kills enemies, and resets at the start of each floor.

Guppy's Tail Guppy's Tail Heart big

One of five Guppy items; greatly increases the chance of chest-type drops, but decreases the chance for consumable drops like keys and bombs.

Familiar that shoots tears two at a time in a V-pattern.

Headless Baby Headless Baby Heart big

Familiar that tracks creep in the form of blood behind it, the familiar following Isaac.

Judas' Shadow Judas' Shadow Heart bigHeart big

When Isaac is killed, he will respawn as Judas' Shadow in the previous room, this character having 2 Black Heart Containers as health. Upon death, Isaac's base damage is set to 7.


  • The Lost may take Devil Room Items without cost.
  • The consumption of the Credit Card allows Isaac to take all of the Devil Room Items without cost.
  • If Isaac dies when dealing for Dead Cat, he will respawn with eight lives.
  • If Isaac dies when dealing for Guppy's Collar, he will have a 50% chance to respawn with one Soul Heart Container.
  • The Satan statue in the Devil Room can be exploded, but no visual change occurs, unlike with Angel statues.
  • Hell Fireplaces can spawn in Devil Rooms.
  • Isaac cannot die when trading for the Ceremonial Robes.
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