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Character Information
Character Type Playable
Base Health
Heart flash
Base Damage
Dmg flash
Base Fire Rate
Tears flash
Base Range
Range flash
Base Speed
Speed flash
Base Shot Speed
Tear speed flash
Base Luck
Luck flash
Starting Pickups Questionmark
Starting Collectibles QuestionmarkQuestionmark
Unlocked By Killing Mom Once
Eden is the fabled “mystery man” ive talked about in interviews before i had a fully realized idea of what they would become… see Eden isnt a man, nor are they a woman.. they just are.
— Edmund McMillen

Eden is a playable character in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Eden requires Eden Tokens to play, and starts with a randomized set of health, stats, items, and pickups. No two Eden runs are the same due to the extremely random nature of the character. The stats, items, and accessories that are randomly generated as Eden are as follows:

  • 0-3 Heart Containers
    • These Heart Containers can either be Soul Hearts, Red Hearts, or a combination of both.
  • 0-2 Bombs
  • 0-2 Coins
  • 0-2 Keys
  • 2 Random Items
    • These Items can either be two Passive Items or one Active Item and one Passive Item.
  • A chance to start with a trinket
  • Hairstyle


  • Eden is a reference to the Garden of Eden, the paradise location in which the Book of Genesis takes place and where Adam and Eve lived before being exiled.
  • During the development of Eden, Edmund McMillen asked the community to provide him with hairstyles for the character.
  • In a blog post, Edmund stated that "Eden isnt a man, nor are they a woman.. they just are".
  • Eden's stats, while random, are based around Isaac's.
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