Gurdy Portrait
Character Information
Character Type Boss
Floors of


Womb (2x)
Base Health
Heart flash
Items Dropped Boss Pool

Gurdy is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that is present as both a Boss on The Caves and The Womb (Double Trouble) floors and as a Monster during Boss Rush. Gurdy is a large tower of organs and tissue.


Gurdy spawns in the northern center of the Boss Room, generally accompanied by two Boils or Guts located in the southeastern and southwestern corners of the Boss Room, and is completely stationary. She will perform one of many attacks. Her attacks are as follows:

  • Gurdy will spawn 2 to 4 Attacks Flies or Black Flies.
  • Gurdy will spawn 1 to 2 Pooters.
  • Gurdy will "birth", shooting 8 tears in a wave at Isaac.
  • Gurdy will spawn 2 Guts or Boils directly in front of her.
    • If a Gut or Boil is already present in front of her, they will be killed and replaced with new ones.


  • Gurdy is confirmed to be female.
  • Gurdy was originally referred to as The Pile in the artbook included in the Unholy Edition of The Binding of Isaac.
  • Gurdy's shooting attack was referred to as Birthing in the artbook included in the Unholy Edition of The Binding of Isaac.
  • Gurdy was originally going to be a pile of dead children as a reference to a story related to D&D controversies about a woman being thrown into a well full of dead children.

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