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The Blue Womb
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Hush is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth that appears as the official boss of The Blue Womb.


Hush has two stages that it goes through. They are as follows:

  1. During its first stage, Hush will be a crying, faceless baby. This baby goes through three different stages depending on its health, during which Hush fires waves of tears at Isaac. Its stages are as follows.
  1. Hush fires lines of tears in an asterisk pattern. It also fires lines of tears in a spiraling asterisk pattern and also fires a single tear at Isaac.
  2. Hush now has Eternal Flies orbiting it. It shoots one or two tears at Isaac and can also fire 4 or 8 homing tears in an asterisk pattern. It can also fire lines of tears in a spiraling asterisk pattern and can spawn many Attack Flies and Pooters to help it.
  3. Hush will spawn many more flies to orbit itself, the flies being sent to attack Isaac when Hush teleports. When Hush teleports, it teleports to where Isaac is moving or on him if he isn't moving. Hush will also shoot one or two tears at Isaac or fire lines of tears in a spiraling asterisk pattern.
  1. Once that stage of Hush has been defeated, a huge lump with what appears to be a face on it will rise in the northern middle of the room. The attacks Hush performs during this stage will be as follows:
  • Hush will fire tears in a variety of unique patterns, resembling bullet hells.
  • Hush will open its mouth, summoning a horde of Hush Gapers or Blues.
  • Hush will become invincible and sink into the ground. At lower health, Hush will move around during this invincibility phase and will spawn Hush Boils that fire homing tears at Isaac. Also at lower health, Hush tends to spam bullet hells while chasing down Isaac.
  • Hush will spam continuum tears, going through one side of the room and coming out of the other.
  • Hush will spawn a ring of Hush Flies at Isaac. They are briefly invincible upon spawning.
  • At low health, Hush will fire lasers out of its eyes, homing in on Isaac and chasing him.
  • Again at low health, Hush will fire three splitting tears that split and split and split.


  • The first time Hush is defeated, a chest will spawn, leading to Ending 17. After this, the run will continue with the usual paths to The Cathedral and Sheol.
  • Hush and Ultra Greed are the only two bosses with Damage Resistance.
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