Judas Portrait
Character Information
Character Type Playable
Base Health
Heart flash
Heart big
Base Damage
Dmg flash
Base Fire Rate
Tears flash
Base Range
Range flash
Base Speed
Speed flash
Base Shot Speed
Tear speed flash
Base Luck
Luck flash
Starting Pickups Three Coins
Starting Collectibles Collectibles 034 thebookofbelial
Unlocked By Killing Satan

Judas is a playable character in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

He has both the highest damage and lowest health of all the playable characters, with his starting active item The Book of Belial adding to his damage when activated.


  • Judas is a reference to the biblical figure Judas Iscariot, one of the original twelve apostles of Christ. He is known for being the one to betray Jesus by selling him out, resulting in his capture and death.
    • In the game, Judas starts with three coins. The biblical character was rewarded 30 coins for his betrayal of Jesus Christ.
  • Judas wears a fez as a confirmed reference of Phil Fish, the creator of FEZ. Phil voted against Edmund McMillen at the Independent Games Festival.
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