Lazarus Portrait
Character Information
Character Type Playable
Base Health
Heart flash
Heart bigHeart bigHeart big
Base Damage
Dmg flash
Base Fire Rate
Tears flash
Base Range
Range flash
Base Speed
Speed flash
Base Shot Speed
Tear speed flash
Base Luck
Luck flash
Starting Pickups 1 Pill
Starting Collectibles None
Unlocked By 4+ Soul/Black Hearts in One Run
... i will say that he feels like a maggy type character to me...
— Edmund McMillen

Lazarus is a playable character in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. He starts with three Red Heart Containers and one unidentified Pill, as well as an extra life. Should he die, he will respawn in the same room with one Red Heart Container and the passive item Anemic.


  • Lazarus is a reference to the biblical figure Lazarus of Bethany (aka Saint Lazarus), who was brought back to life by Jesus four days after his death.
  • For some reason, some items will change Lazarus's sprite into that of Isaac's. However, this only seems to happen with items that change the appearance of a character's head.
    • The reason for this is that, unlike with Judas, Magdalene, Cain, and other playable characters, there are no separate files for Lazarus's hair.
  • Lazarus has the same color of hair as Mom.
  • Lazarus was originally teased in one of Edmund McMillen's blog posts and was the second character Edmund teased.
    • Lazarus was not originally going to be teased, but Edmund accidentally unlocked him during a live playthrough of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Also, Lazarus could be seen in the character selection screen of older spoilers.
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