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My Reflection is a Passive Collectible in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It is a cracked mirror.


Isaac's tears now have a boomerang effect. Isaac also gains a 1.5 Range boost, a 1.0 Tear Height boost, and a 0.6 Shot Speed boost.


My Reflection is found in the Item Room Pool.



  • A Lump of Coal: Isaac's tears increase in damage as they come closer to him.
  • Anti-Gravity: Isaac's tears slowly move towards him instead of staying put.
  • Dr. Fetus: Isaac's bombs move back towards him.
  • Ipecac: Isaac's explosive tears move back towards him.
  • Piercing Tears: Isaac's tears cannot damage the same enemy twice.
  • Tiny Planet: Isacc's tears move way faster to stay in orbit.
  • Whip Worm: Isaac's tears move much further before returning to him.


  • Brimstone: Isaac's laser now has a wavy effect.
  • Continuum: Isaac's tears, if they cross the border and reappear, do not go back through the border to return to Isaac.
  • Technology: Isaac's beam is now curvy.
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