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Peep is an Enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that is present as a Boss on The Caves floor and as a Monster in Boss Challenge Rooms, during Boss Rush, and on later Floors.


Peep can be a very difficult boss for beginners because of its behaviors. Its behaviors are as follows:

  1. Peep will urinate on the floor, releasing yellow Creep that deals contact damage to Isaac.
  2. Peep will jump to Isaac's location, shooting urine bullets in many directions on contact.
  3. Peep will fire urine bullets in many directions.

Peep also has 3 stages in battle. Its stages are as follows:

  1. Peep has over 75% of its health. Both eyes are in its head.
  2. Peep has over 25% of its health but less than 75%. One eye has left its head. The eye bounces around the room, dealing contact damage to Isaac and blocking tears.
  3. Peep has less than 25% of its health. Both eyes have left its head. They eyes bounce around the room, dealing contact damage to Isaac and blocking tears.

Champion Variants

Peep will randomly spawn as one of two Champion variants:

  1. Peep will be blue/green and will start with both eyes missing.
  2. Peep will be yellow, smaller, and will always spawn Creep.


  • Peep's eyes can be destroyed by E. Coli or Flush!.
  • Peep is actually pronounced Pee-pee, it being slang for urine and "peepy".
  • Peep is also referred to as "Slug Boy" and "Pisser" in the Unholy Edition Art Book.
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