Red Boom Fly
Red Boom Fly Gif
Character Information
Monster Type Fly
Floors of Appearance Caves
Base Health 20
Deals Contact Damage Yes
Type of Tears Asterisk Pattern
Movement Flying/Diagonal

The Red Boom Fly is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that is encountered on The Caves, The Catacombs, The Depths, and the Necropolis floors.


The Red Boom Fly flies diagonally around the room, bouncing off of the walls in the room, dealing contact damage. When killed, Red Boom Flies shoot a volley of tears in an asterisk pattern. Red Boom Flies are spawned by Lokii. If the player has Skatole, Red Boom Flies still deal contact damage and projectile damage, the only thing changing being their speed, in which it is greatly lowered.
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