Seeds are map modifiers that determine items, enemies and bosses. Some have special effects, like BRWN SNKE, where poop spawns everywhere you walk. Seeds also disable achievements. Not all seeds or effects are listed.

Special Seeds

BASE MENT - Infinite Basements

BRWN SNKE - Everywhere Isaac walks, poop spawns

KEEP AWAY - Pickups move away from Isaac

1MNO BODY - Isaac is invisible

30M1 N1TS - Gives you a timer of 30 minutes to beat the game

SL0W 4ME2 - Slows music based on how fast Isaac is moving

FREE 2PAY - Isaac starts with 69 coins but all items cost money

PAC1 F1SM - Enemies won't take damage from Isaac's tears, all doors will be open and the boss's health will slowly drain away

CHAM P1ON - Makes all enemies the champion versions of themselves

B00B T00B -




C0ME BACK - Enemies will respawn

K1DS M0DE - Co-op babies are invincible

HARD HARD - Isaac will take a full heart of damage

BRTL B0NS - Any amount damage will kill Isaac instantly (Like The Lost)

D0NT ST0P - Isaac will take damage if staying still

THEG H0ST - Damage on a timer. Every 45 seconds a 5 second timer will start, damaging Isaac by 1 1/2 hearts. Decreases to 1 heart on The Womb and below.

DRAW KCAB - Reversed controls

CAM0 K1DD - Isaac blends in with the ground

CAM0 F0ES - Enemies blend in with the ground

CAM0 DR0P - Pickups blend in with the ground

WH0A WHAT - Everything blends in with the ground

BL1N DEYE - Enemies turn completely invisible

(DLC) N0RE TVRN - Boss rooms lock you in (like the Mom fight)

(DLC) G0NE S00N - Pickups will time out



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