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The Cage is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that is present as both a Boss on The Depths floor and as a Monster on later floors. It is the posthumous variant of Mega Fatty.


During the battle, The Cage will perform on of many attacks. The attacks The Cage can perform are as follows:

  • The Cage will jump in the air, leaving the player's vision. The Cage will later land on the floor at the position in which Isaac was located when The Cage initiated the jump, creating five fissures and a puddle of Creep upon landing.
  • The Cage will rip open its chest, spawning a Cage Vis, which is essentially a normal Vis, just recolored.
  • The Cage will assume a ball shape and roll around the room, bouncing off of walls, similarly to Gurdy Jr.
  • The Cage will project 6 moving lines of tears in a spiral pattern.


  • In the game's files, The Cage is referenced as Fatty 2.