The Catacombs is a variant to the second floor in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It has two stages, The Catacombs I and The Catacombs II. It is unlocked when every boss in The Caves has been defeated.

Unique Features

  • Mushrooms are found in The Catacombs. They will contain either nothing, Pills, Liberty Cap, or toxic gas.


Carrion Queen Portrait Dark One Portrait The Hollow Portrait The Husk Portrait
The Carrion Queen Dark One The Hollow The Husk
Peep Portrait Pestilence Portrait Polycephalus Portrait The Wretched Portrait
Peep Pestilence Polycephalus The Wretched
Double Trouble Bosses
Dingle Portrait Duke of Flies Portrait Gemini Portrait
Dingle The Duke of Flies Gemini
Gurdy Jr Portrait Pin Portrait Polycephalus Portrait
Gurdy Jr. Pin Polycephalus


  • The theme to The Catacombs, "Capiticus Calvaria", does have some meaning to it. While "calvaria" means skull, "capiticus" means nothing in Latin. However, the Latin word "caput" means "head" and "icus" means derived from or belonging to.
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