The Caves Floor is the second Floor in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It has two stages, The Caves I and The Caves II.

Unique Features

  • Mushrooms are found in The Caves. They will contain either nothing, Pills, Liberty Cap, or toxic gas.


Chad Portrait Chub Portrait Dark One Portrait Gurdy Portrait
C.H.A.D. Chub Dark One Gurdy
Gurdy Jr Portrait Mega Fatty Portrait Mega Maw Portrait Pestilence Portrait
Gurdy Jr. Mega Fatty Mega Maw Pestilence
Double Trouble Bosses
The Blighted Ovum Portrait Duke of Flies Portrait Mega Fatty Portrait Monstro Portrait Pin Portrait
Blighted Ovum The Duke of Flies Mega Fatty Monstro Pin


  • The theme for The Caves titled "Sodden Hollow" describes the wetness/dampness of the caves.
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