The Cellar is a variant of the first and starting Floor in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It has two stages (The Cellar I and The Cellar II) and is unlocked by defeating all of The Basement's Bosses (except Steven).

Unique Features

  • Jars are found in The Cellar. They will either contain nothing, Spiders, Coins, The Swallowed Penny, or The Quarter upon being exploded, the chances of said items spawning being in order from greatest to least.
  • The Item Room requires no Key to open.
    • If Curse of the Labyrinth (XL Floor) is in effect, both Item Rooms will require no Keys.
  • The Cellar's theme is Spiders.


The Blighted Ovum Portrait Dingle Portrait Duke of Flies Portrait Famine Portrait
Blighted Ovum Dingle Duke of Flies Famine
Fistula Portrait Gurdy Jr Portrait Gurglings Portrait The Haunt Portrait
Fistula Gurdy Jr. Gurglings The Haunt
Larry Jr Portrait Pin Portrait The Widow Portrait
Larry Jr. Pin Widow


  • The Cellar's theme is titled "Periculum", meaning "danger" in Latin.
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