The Haunt
The Haunt Portrait
Character Information
Character Type Boss
Floors of


The Cellar
The Depths
Base Health
Heart flash
Items Dropped Boss Pool

The Haunt is an enemy in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that is present as both a Boss on The Cellar Floor, The Depths/Necropolis Floor (Double Trouble), and in Boss Challenge Rooms and a Monster on later Floors.


The Haunt has two stages which are as follows:

  1. The Haunt will be invincible with three invincible Little Haunts floating around him. It will release one to attack Isaac. After that Tiny Haunt is killed, The Haunt will send in the remaining two to attack Isaac.
  1. Once the remaining Tiny Haunts are killed, The Haunt will become vulnerable, fly to the top of the room, and pull back its face, revealing its skull. Once this has happened, The Haunt will bounce left and right at the top of the room, randomly shooting either one brimstone laser or a wave of small tears. If Isaac gets too closely aligned with it (horizontally), it will charge at Isaac.


  • Once it has reached its second stage, The Haunt's health bar will be transferred to the bottom of the screen
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