The Scarred Womb is a Floor in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth. It is the fourth stage of the game and it houses the Mom's Heart/It Lives Boss fight.

Unique Features

  • Growths are featured in The Scarred Womb. They will either contain nothing, shoot tears in an asterisk pattern, or contain a Red Heart/Soul Heart.
  • The Scarred Womb will always have Mom's Heart (It Lives if unlocked) as the Boss in the Boss Room. The Boss Room cannot be exited through a door once entered.
    • If Isaac has beaten Mom's Heart (or It Lives) and if the time is under 30:00, the door to the Blue Womb will open.
  • Some enemies in The Scarred Womb have a chance to spawn as "scarred", such as the Scarred Parabite, the Scarred Double Vis, and the Scarred Guts.
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