Trinkets are Items that are found throughout the floors of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Only one Trinket can be held at one time, that is, unless the player possesses Mom's Purse, in which the player may carry up to a maximum of two Trinkets. Trinkets can be dropped if the player holds the Control (Ctrl) key for 3 seconds. This method, however, will also drop any Consumables that the player possesses. Below is a list of all of the Trinkets in the game and their effects.

Item Icon Effect
???'s Soul Blue Baby's Soul
Imaginary friend
Familiar that flies diagonally around the room, bouncing off of walls and shooting in the same direction as Isaac.
AAA Battery AAA Battery
Trickle charge
Active Collectibles take one less bar to charge.
Ace of Spades Ace of Spades
Luck of the draw
The chance to find Tarot Cards and Miscellaneous Cards in increased.
Bible Tract Bible Tract
Faith up
Increases the chance to find Eternal Hearts.
Black Lipstick Black Lipstick
Evil up
Increases the chance to find Black Hearts.
Bloody Penny Bloody Penny
Wealth of Health
When picking up Coins, there is a chance that a Red Half-Heart may spawn.
Broken Magnet Broken Magnet
It kinda works
Coins are now automatically pulled towards Isaac when in range.
Broken Ankh Broken Ankh
Eternal life?
When the player dies, there is a small chance that they will respawn as Blue Baby (???).
Broken Remote Broken Remote
It's broken
The player will be teleported upon using their Active Collectible.
Burnt Penny Burnt Penny
Wealth of chaos
When picking up Coins, there is a chance that a Bomb may spawn.
Butt Penny Butt Penny
Wealth of gas
When picking up Coins, Isaac will release gas.
Cain's Eye Cain's Eye (Trinket)
May you see your destination
25% chance of revealing all map icons upon advancing to a new floor.
Callus Callus
Your feet feel stronger
Isaac no longer takes damage from walking on Creep and Spikes.
Cancer Cancer (Trinket)
Yay, cancer!
Removes 2 from the player's Tear Delay stat.
Cartridge Cartridge
I remember these
Isaac has a chance to gain the Gamekid effect upon taking damage. This chance is affected by the player's luck stat.
Child's Heart Child's Heart
It calls out to its brothers
Higher chance of a Heart Pickup spawning after clearing a room and from opening a chest.
Counterfeit Penny C Penny
Wealth of wealth
When picking up coins, Isaac has a chance to automatically receive an extra coin in his inventory.
Cursed Skull Cursed Skull
Upon taking damage when the player only has a half Red Heart Container remaining, the player will be teleported to the previous room.
Curved Horn Curved Horn
DMG up
Raises the player's Damage stat by 2.0.
Daemon's Tail Daemon's Tail
Evil up
Pickups are rerolled upon being spawned. Hearts that have spawned before the player obtained Daemon's Tail will be converted to Black Hearts.
Eve's Bird Foot Eve's Bird Foot
Revenge from beyond
The Dead Bird has a chance of spawning after damaging an enemy.
Fish Head Fish Head
It stinks
Upon taking damage, Isaac spawns one Blue Fly.
Flat Penny Flat Penny
Wealth of answers
When picking up coins, Isaac has a chance to spawn a Key.
Flat Worm Flatworm
Blub blub!
Tears are vertically flattened, giving them a wider hitbox. The player's Damage stat is unaffected. The player's Knockback stat, however, is increased.
Goat Hoof Goat Hoof
Speed up
Raises the player's Speed stat by 0.15.
Hook Worm Hookworm
Zip zoop!
Tears now turn, alternating from 90 degree (right) turns to -90 degree (left) turns every other turn. The player's Range stat is increased by 10.0 to compensate for the turning.
Isaac's Fork Isaac's Fork
Consume the enemy
After clearing a room, there is a chance that one Half Red Heart of Isaac's can be restored.
Isaac's Head Isaac's Head
Dead friend
Familiar that shoots tears that do 3.5 damage.
Judas' Tongue Judas' Tongue
Payment received
All devil deals that previously cost 2 Red Heart Containers now only cost 1.
The Left Hand Left Hand
The left hand path reaps dark rewards
Replaces all Chest drops with Red Chests.
Liberty Cap Liberty Cap
Touch fuzzy, get dizzy!
Random chance to have an effect applied on Isaac for the duration of the room when entering a room. Possible effects are Mini Mush, one of the Odd Mushrooms, and The Compass.
Lucky Rock Lucky Rock
There's something inside
When broken, Rocks have a very high chance to drop a Coin.
Lucky Toe Lucky Toe
Luck up!
Raises the player's Luck stat by 1.0 when held.
Maggy's Faith Maggy's Faith
Faith's reward
Upon advancing to a new floor, Isaac will receive an Eternal Heart.
Match Stick Matchstick
Tastes like burning
Isaac's chance to find Bombs is increased.
A Missing Page Missing Page
It glows with power
Upon taking damage, Isaac has a chance to activate a Necronomicon-like effect, damaging all enemies in the room. This chance is affected by the player's Luck stat, the highest percentage being %50.
Missing Poster Missing Poster
Upon dying, the player will discover a puzzle piece on their last diary entry. This puzzle piece helps the player unlock The Lost.
Mom's Pearl Mom's Pearl
It eminates purity
Isaac's chance to find Soul Hearts is increased.
Mom's Toenail Mom's Toenail
Every 60 seconds, Mom's foot will crash down in a random location in the current room, possibly damaging either enemies Isaac, or both.
Monkey's Paw Monkey Paw
Wish granted
When the player reaches one Half Red Heart of health, they will automatically receive a Black Heart. This may only happen three times, for, on the third time, Monkey's Paw will disappear.
Mysterious Candy Mysterious Candy
Isaac will randomly spawn poop.
Mysterious Paper Mysterious Paper
Can imitate the effect of either The Negative, The Polaroid, The Missing Page, or the Missing Poster.
Paper Clip Paper Clip
Master of lockpicking
Isaac can now open Golden Chests without the use of a Key.
Petrified Poop Petrified Poop
It feels lucky?
Poops, when broken, have a much higher chance of dropping Pick-ups.
Pinky Eye Pinky Eye
Poison shots
Isaac has a chance to shoot a tear that applies a poison effect on enemies. This chance is affected by Isaac's Luck stat.
Pulse Worm Pulseworm
Wub wub!
Tears grow and shrink in size as they are projected across the room. Pulse Worm does not affect Isaac's damage stat.
Purple Heart Purple Heart
Challenge up
Isaac has a higher chance of encountering Champion enemies.
Push Pin Push Pin
Piercing shots
Isaac has a chance to shoot a piercing spectral tear. This chance is affected by Isaac's Luck stat.
Red Patch Red Patch
Your rage grows
Isaac has a chance to gain a 1.8 increase to his Damage stat upon taking damage for the duration of the room.
Ring Worm Ringworm
Woop woop!
Tears now circle around as they are projected across the room. This greatly decreases Isaac's accuracy, but buffs his Range stat.
Rosary Bead Rosary Bead
Faith up
Isaac has a higher chance of finding an Angel Room instead of a Devil Room.
Rusted Key Rusted Key
It feels lucky?
Isaac has a higher chance of finding Keys and Chests.
Safety Cap Safety Cap
Don't swallow it
Isaac has a higher chance of finding Pills.
Samson's Lock Samson's Lock
Your rage grows
Upon killing an enemy, Isaac has a chance of receiving a 0.5 buff to his Damage stat for the duration of the room.
Store Credit Store Credit
All Items in the Shop room now cost 0 cents. Upon purchasing an Item for 0 cents, however, this Trinket will disappear, resetting all Shop prices.
Swallowed Penny Swallowed Penny
Upon taking damage, Isaac will drop a few coins (specifically 1-2).
Tick Tick
Well, that's not coming off
Upon entering a Boss Room, the Boss will lose 15% of its health and Isaac will restore one Red Heart of his health. The Tick cannot be dropped nor can it be swapped out with a different Trinket. The only way to gain another trinket with the Tick is to possess Mom's Purse.
Umbilical Cord Umbilical Cord
Fetal protection
Upon taking damage that leaves Isaac's health at one Red Half Heart, Little Steven will spawn.
Whip Worm Whipworm
Increases Isaac's Shot Speed stat by 0.5.
Wiggle Worm Wiggleworm
Wiggle wiggle!
Isaac's tears now wiggle back and forth as they are projected across the room.


  • Wiggle Worm was a Passive Collectible in the original game, The Binding of Isaac.
  • Trinkets can be found twice. For an example, The Left Hand can be dropped after clearing a Room, while it is also dropped after defeating Ultra Pride. A duplicate Trinket cannot be obtained.
    • It is unknown as to whether Isaac may obtain a duplicate Trinket if he also possesses Mom's Purse.
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